Comparing Diesel And Gasoline Engines

Diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles are the two most common types of vehicles on the market. These two types of fuels, and the engines that make use of them, carry with each of them a distinctive set of advantages and disadvantages. When you are considering purchasing a new vehicle, understanding the differences between diesel and gasoline engines can help you choose the vehicle that is the right fit for your needs. Read More 

Winter Is Coming! Winterizing Tips For Your SUV

From driving back and forth to work and school to running ordinary errands, owning a vehicle is essential for most people. Of course, choosing the best vehicle for your needs is overwhelming due to the various options available. Fortunately, many drivers are opting for a sport utility vehicle, or SUV, due to the extra interior space and increased safety. While your SUV may offer off-road capability, preparing your vehicle for the winter season is smart for its function and your safety. Read More 

Why You Should Have Your Wide Loads Hauled by Someone Else

If your business does a lot of hauling, you probably haven't really thought about hiring an outside service to help you with it. However, there is a chance that some of your loads are much wider than others, and you might find that it's smart to hire a heavy hauling company to help you with these loads. These are a few reasons why it might be worth your company's while to do so. Read More 

How To Be Safe When You Are Towing A Vehicle

If you have a friend that needs a car or trailer towed, and you happen to have a truck with towing capabilities, you might be willing to help them out. However, it is also important to do so carefully and safely, especially if you have never towed a vehicle before. Here are some tips to tow a vehicle safely and without incident. Know How Much Your Truck Can Tow Every vehicle with a trailer hitch has a certain towing capacity, which is how heavy of a vehicle or trailer you can tow. Read More 

Get A Dent Repaired Without Parents’ Help

So you took the car out and got a dent? These kinds of things happen to anyone. The unfortunate issue is when it happens when you were not in your own car. If you got a dent in your parents' car you may be concerned about them getting upset. You may also not want your parents to be worried about having to get the dent fixed and paying for it. It can be the responsible thing to take care of the dent on your own. Read More