Get A Dent Repaired Without Parents’ Help

So you took the car out and got a dent? These kinds of things happen to anyone. The unfortunate issue is when it happens when you were not in your own car. If you got a dent in your parents' car you may be concerned about them getting upset. You may also not want your parents to be worried about having to get the dent fixed and paying for it. It can be the responsible thing to take care of the dent on your own. If you want to know how to get a self-made dent out of your parents' car by yourself, there are ways to go about it.

No insurance claims if there is no accident

If you got the dent by hitting a pole or backing into an object, you do not have to file a claim with insurance in order to get your issue fixed. If you have had an accident with another vehicle, you should always fill out a police report, then take the next proper steps. But if the bump is small, and something you did without another vehicle being involved, this is an issue that you can take care of personally.

Try a new shop for an estimate

At a repair shop, maybe at a place like Lou's Auto Body, a technician can assess the damage and give you a figure on how much it will cost to repair the dent. The cost will largely depend on where the dent is located and how big it is. Some dents can be easily "popped out" with just some pressure applied to the area. Others will need to be fixed mechanically.

If you are on a budget, going to several shops to find the cheapest may be most economical for your wallet. Remember to pay after the service is performed to make sure the work was performed satisfactorily. Lastly, do not go to an auto shop that is often used by your parents. If the technicians are on good terms, they may mention this to your parents when they come in for their next servicing. If you don't want them to worry, you can get the dent taken care of discreetly.

Pay out of your own funds

If your parents have the ability to see your checking or savings account, using the debit card attached to those will be a tell-tale sign and cause trouble. If possible, use cash for the auto repair payment. If you must use the ATM card, take out small increments of cash at a time to use, so that the bill won't appear on any statements. Once you have paid for the fixed car, be sure to return it its original place at the home and vow to be much more careful with your parents' possession and your money.