What You Need To Know Before Having A Vehicle Towed From Your Business Property

When you own a business, the parking space that you have available on your lot is a vital aspect of your property. If you do not have enough space, it can sometimes mean that customers will turn around and just go somewhere else to do their business. When parking slots are limited, having an abandoned vehicle on your lot can be a frustrating ordeal as a business owner. Before you pick up the phone and call a towing company for help, there are a few questions that you should know the answers to.

How long should you wait before having a vehicle towed?

This part of the process is up to you, but can also be affected by parking regulations in the area where you are located. In some situations, before you can be legally allowed to tow a vehicle, you must have signs posted stating that a vehicle will be towed after a certain amount of time. In other cases, you may be able to have the car towed if you contact the authorities to have the car ticketed first. It is best to check with the local DMV to find out what guidelines you will have to follow.

Will you have to pay to have the vehicle towed?

If you have the vehicle towed from your property, the vehicle will be held until the owner picks up their car from the impound lot. At the impound lot, the fees for towing the vehicle must be paid before the car can be retrieved. Therefore, the vehicle towing expenses will not be left up to you to pay in most cases.

Should you post signs on your property to let people know a vehicle will be towed?

It is always best to let customers know that their vehicle will be towed if they are parked for an extended period of time. In some locations, this is actually the requirement. Your signs should state how long customers are allowed to park.

Will you have to let the owner know or will the towing company?

The towing company (such as Tip Top Towing Inc) or impound lot will handle alerting the customer once a vehicle is taken in. It is a good business practice to try to reach out to the customer before towing, if you have any contact information available.

A stationary vehicle taking up space in your parking lot can definitely be a nuisance. When you call a towing company for help with a seemingly abandoned vehicle, make sure you ask questions about anything you are unsure of bout the process.