Winter Car Damage - Making and Getting Repairs


Tips For Driving On Snow And Ice

Anyone who has driven somewhere that gets below-freezing temperatures understands the basics of driving on snow and ice. However, you might be a new driver or just moved to a cold area, so you might not be familiar with how to do it safely. The following tips go over some basic rules of the road […]

Watch For These Three Signs That Indicate Brake Wear

When it comes to the brakes on your vehicle, having them checked and replaced doesn’t necessarily follow the same schedule as having your oil changed, for example. While a manufacturer might suggest that its brakes will last you a certain number of miles, the reality is that your driving style can greatly influence your brake […]

Comparing Diesel And Gasoline Engines

Diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles are the two most common types of vehicles on the market. These two types of fuels, and the engines that make use of them, carry with each of them a distinctive set of advantages and disadvantages. When you are considering purchasing a new vehicle, understanding the differences between diesel and gasoline […]

Winter Is Coming! Winterizing Tips For Your SUV

From driving back and forth to work and school to running ordinary errands, owning a vehicle is essential for most people. Of course, choosing the best vehicle for your needs is overwhelming due to the various options available. Fortunately, many drivers are opting for a sport utility vehicle, or SUV, due to the extra interior space […]

How To Be Safe When You Are Towing A Vehicle

If you have a friend that needs a car or trailer towed, and you happen to have a truck with towing capabilities, you might be willing to help them out. However, it is also important to do so carefully and safely, especially if you have never towed a vehicle before. Here are some tips to […]